Welcome and Updates

Welcome and thank you to everyone checking out this blog. As I mentioned in the “About” section, my brother and I started this blog as a way to have fun and learn from others. We also hope to provide whatever help/information we can to those who are either entering legal drinking age, want to diversify their drinking experience, or just want to impress their friends.

There will be two weekly reviews every Tuesday and Friday. On Tuesdays, we will do a brand review that will include a review of a specific brand of alcohol. On Fridays, we will do a cocktail review. Other reviews may show up throughout the week every now and again when we are able to produce one, but at the very least, expect a brand review on Tuesdays and a cocktail review on Fridays. We also have other fun ideas, such as brand vs. brand tournaments. The first tournament that we want to do is an 8-brand tournament consisting of well-known/highly marketed Canadian beers. We would also like to do a similar tournament involving eight (or more) lesser-known Canadian beers. As always, we would appreciate any suggests and ideas for reviewing alcohol or brands that you would like to see reviewed.

Our first review will occur this Friday, when we will review the White Russian. For those of you who don’t know, a White Russian includes vodka, coffee liqueur, and cream. I’ve seen recipes with varying proportions of these ingredients, but we will be using 1 oz. of each.

Thanks again for checking out this blog. Don’t forget to follow us on twitter at twitter.com/alcoholreviews.

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