Brand Review – Goldschläger

Goldschläger is a cinnamon schnapps produced in Santa Vittoria d’Alba, within the Piedmont region of northern Italy. Renowned for its gold flakes, the ambience of the bottle is enhanced by simply flipping the bottle upside down, allowing the gold flakes to float within the product. Other than the gold flakes, Goldschläger is completely clear in colour.

Goldschläger has a strong, dominating cinnamon smell with slight undertones of ethanol present. Immediately upon touching the palette, a strong cinnamon jolt occurs. The experience of the cinnamon can be best described as spicy and hot. There is also a definite burn on both the front and back ends, added by the fact that Goldschläger is 40% alcohol by volume. The texture is of a medium thickness. It is certainly not as syrupy as was expected before hand. The aftertaste is defined by a milder, less overpowering cinnamon bite. However, the warmth of the cinnamon continues to linger well after the liqueur is consumed.

At CAD $28.25 for a 750mL bottle, Goldschläger is in the moderate price range for your typical liqueur. We believe that it is extremely versatile, with the potential to be used in a number of cocktails. Thus, we would suggest including Goldschläger in your home bar, as we were impressed with the overall quality of this product.

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